Sales Tax DB v1.0
This is a simple app designed to keep track of sales tax without the hassle of holding onto the receipts. Many other features are included; however, summarizing sales tax by year and keeping an image of the receipt are the two greatest objectives!

ATTENTION: iPhone 3GS users may have issues even starting the app. I am working to identify the specifics, albeit, this is not my highest priority. If YOU want this app, and you have a 3GS, please contact me, and I will recalibrate accordingly.
The Interface
“+” Adds a new expense. Here, you can specify the date (auto assigns current date), sales tax, total purchase, description, and image. This screen shows all the receipts/expenses logged.

“Edit” When pressed, changes to edit mode to allow the user to delete a single expense.

“YEAR Sales Tax = $xx.yy” This is actually a button that will cycle through all the years (starting with 2012) that an expense exists. This will be a total sales tax for that particular year.

In the table itself, you can tap a particular record... This will take you to a detail screen that will allow you to change values (ie: date, description, sales tax).

Please contact me directly if you need any assistance, or direction. If you would like to see something changed, I very much want to hear from you! My email address is provided on the iTunes App Store website...